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Londontown – Kur nail treatment

Londontown – Kur nail treatment


The Nail treatment for weak brittle dry nails...

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Weak, brittle and dry nails can be a painful and common nuisance for many women and men. And while most people try one product after another to answer this problem, there is usually no ending solution…
…until now…

Thankfully, here at LONDONTOWN we dedicated ourselves to finding the ultimate kur. The answer lies within a 5-step nail treatment system that strengthens, hydrates and restores the entire nail.

After extensive research and testing, we have formulated the perfect, unique solution to what has been missing all along. By revamping our inherited family remedy, which includes an innovative blend of Britain’s rapeseed flower oil fused with natural extracts, vitamins and minerals, the kur system work in unison to form a cohesive collection of products that repair, strengthen and hydrate the nails and cuticles.

LONDONTOWN’s kur Nail Treatment System is truly a breakthrough in the quest to improve nail growth and health!

The Nail Hardener and Protective Top Coat work together to thicken the layers of keratin in the nail.
The Nourishing Cuticle Oil hydrates the cuticle and nail root.
The Restorative Nail Cream replenishes the nail to fortify damaged, weak and peeling nails.
The “acetone-free” Strengthening Lacquer Remover cleanses the nail plate without drying out or damaging the nail.
kur’s Nail Hardener and Protective Top Coat are proudly, “5-Free”:

Formaldehyde resin free
And, kur’s Restorative Nail Cream is paraben-free and our Strengthening Lacquer Remover is acetone-free.

All products are vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free.


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